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In this session, Chris is joined by Chris Ayers! Chris gives insight on how you start implementing feature flags, You’ll be leaving this session wanting to separate your releases from your deployments! You will have an understanding of What feature flags are, The types of feature flags, Best practices around feature flags, Implementing feature flags using, Feature Toggles, Azure Application Configuration and Launch Darkly.


December 17, 2031

ToolUp Tuesday is all about showing the thought process and decisions made when creating an application. Join Chris and Matt as they build a new application from the ground up, including development processes, tooling, service choices and architectural decisions!


December 24, 2031

Overwhelmed at keeping up to date with Azure? Or how about keeping a pulse on the Latest GitHub news, Azure DevOps and more? In this episode, Chris provides a summary of updates on the latest Azure DevOps News, GitHub updates and new announcements in Azure. And if that wasn’t enough, he also gives a roundup of the latest on Cloud With Chris - including episodes, blog posts, open source projects and community work! Let Chris do the hard work keeping you on top of everything! Grab some snacks. Grab a drink. Come along and tune in for a relaxed and informative learning session!


January 1, 2032